Imagine the FSSAI at Delhi issuing a notice to a manufacturer of food products for printing unsubstantiated health claims on the front panel of a food package to entice unsuspecting consumers to splurge on that product! Even if such a "rarest of rare" incidence happens what could be the consequences? Nothing! Most likely the notice would find its rightful place in the garbage bin of the corporate office of the company because every "culprit" in this country knows that FSSAI is a toothless tiger!. Look at the commotion created by serving notices to food giants like Nestle and 16 other major food processors in the US by the FDA questioning the validity of health claims made by them on the labels of their products. The response from these "violators" has been in double quick time promising full cooperation in complying with the regulations in the statute books fully

Nestle and Diamond Foods, two major companies in the US have been under the scanner of the authorities for making claims made on their packaging labels. After detailed scrutiny the FDA zeroed in on 22 food products that violated its claim guidelines. Others on the radar for labeling violations included Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream for for its Nestle drumsticks, Nestle Nutrition for its Juicy Juice products, and Diamond Foods for some of its nut products. The FDA is targeting health and nutrition claims that it says would cause the food products to be regulated as drugs. The offending companies are being booked for making claims over trans fat content, antioxidant advantages, and omega-3 benefits contrary to the existing guidelines. The violations include unauthorized health claims, unauthorized nutrient content claims, and unauthorized use of vague terms such as "healthy," including others that have strict, regulatory definitions.