Friday, October 10, 2014


"Unless there are big changes within the next 20 years, I foresee a two-class food system. One class will eat industrialized food produced as cheaply as possible at the expense of its workers and natural resources. The other will enjoy home gardens and locally and sustainably produced food, at greater cost. I'm hoping for the enormous expansion of this latter approach. For that, we need a farm policy inextricably linked to health and environmental policy. We can achieve that, but only with serious advocacy and political engagement."

The above quote is by Marion Nestle, one of most celebrated food exponent of this century about the future of food consumption pattern in this planet. Similarly a host of personalities, known widely world over expressed their views regarding what the food landscape will like in 20 years. these include Mark Bittman, Stewart Brand, Dan Barber, Richard Branson, Bee Wilson, Michael Pollan, Dorothy Cann Hamilton, Ray Kurzweil, Ferran Adria, Corey Lee, Mark Stech-Novak, Daniel Patterson, Paul West, Steve Case and Anna Lappe

Though every one may not agree with these views a distinct trend is perceptible and the future does not hold any optimism regarding the initiative that has to be taken on a mission mode to remove some of the obstacles that exist to day in ensuring availability of good food that can guarantee sound health for future generations. Land use pattern including consolidation of fragmented land holdings, seed quality enhancement, steady productivity increase, agricultural practices, increased emphasis on organic foods, cleaning up the environment by reducing pollution and greenhouse emission, improved food safety compliance, radical shift in the attitude of the processing industry, all call of renewed vigor by all the stakeholders of the food sector to bring about quantum changes in the coming years. 

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